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Pathology and Diagnostic Imaging are only used for the proper management of the medical problem being dealt with; the need for these investigations will be discussed and only completed with the full agreement of the patient. It is practice policy for patients to return for a short consultation to discuss results and decide on further treatment for your medical condition; it is advised to book an appointment in advance to avoid any delays in receiving your results. In certain circumstances, the doctor may ask you to contact the practice and speak to our reception staff who will give you a result and management plan as left by the doctor. Please be aware, reception staff do not understand the results or what they are for other than to pass on a message as stated by the doctor. Reception staff cannot discuss nor interpret the results, if you require further information or wish to discuss a result, please make an appointment to see your doctor.

After Hours Care is provided by agreement with The Epworth Hospital, located at 89 Bridge Road, Richmond; their phone number is: 9426 6666. The Epworth After Hours GP Clinic is available to all patients and can be contacted on 9428 4378; alternatively, patients can contact the Accident and Emergency Centre of the Epworth on 9426 6302. It is still recommended to call 000 in an emergency. The duty doctor at the Epworth will be able to contact your treating doctor for any additional information they require - it is important to note that after hours care should be for any urgent problems you may have. Due to the demographic distribution of our patients, you may choose to attend your local hospital or clinic; again they are welcome to contact us, with your permission, for additional information to help manage your condition.

Doctors may make visits to regular patients of our practice where it is safe and reasonable. These visits may be to patients in their homes, residential aged care facility, residential care facility or hospital, both within and outside normal opening hours where such visits are deemed safe, and where patients are acutely ill, immobile and elderly or have no means of transport to the practice. Visits to offices and institutions can also be arranged either through the practice or through a deputising service as indicated. Please discuss any Home Visit needs with your doctor as patient demographics make it difficult to provide home visits to all areas; the practice does offer home visits to CBD and inner urban areas. Every effort will be made to advise patients of suitable alternatives for their proper health care if a home visit by our doctors is not possible.

Release of information is a matter between the patient and the doctor; information will only be released according to privacy laws and at the doctor's discretion. Requests for access to medical records will be acted upon only if received in written format; records are reviewed by the medical practitioner prior to their release once written authorisation is obtained. The physical medical records and related information created and maintained for the continuing management of each patient are the property of this Practice. This information is deemed a personal health record and while the patient does not have ownership of the record he / she has the right to access under the provisions of the Commonwealth Privacy and State Health Records Acts, subject to certain exceptions and the payment of fees (if any). We respect an individual's privacy and allow access to information via personal viewing in a secure private area. The patient may take notes of the content of their record or may be given a photocopy of the requested information. A GP may explain the contents of the record to the patient if required. An administrative charge may be applied, at the GPs discretion and in consultation with the Privacy Officer, e.g. for photocopying record, X-rays and for staff time involved in processing request.

This practice is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal health information. Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff.

Feedback Sheets are provided in the waiting room (near the windows) and your suggestions and comments more than welcome. If you have a serious complaint that we have not been able to resolve to your satisfaction, or would like further information on anything, please contact the Health Services Commissioner Complaints and Information Agency:

Health Services Commissioner
Complaints and Information Tel: 1300 582 113
Fax: 03 9032 3111

or write to:
Health Services Commissioner Level 26
570 Bourke Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000