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Our Services

Please call 9670 5777 to book an appointment. To minimise delays, patients are asked to book appropriate consultation lengths; if you only wish to discuss one matter (e.g. a script, vaccination, new referral, etc) please book a standard 15 minute appointment. If you would like to discuss multiple matters, or your appointment is in relation to mental health, skin checks, pap smear, etc, please book an extended 30 minute consultation.

Please see reception upon arrival at the clinic and ensure your contact details are correct: any name changes, address, phone number and emergency contact details. This information is strictly confidential but is necessary for the proper medical care e.g. late test results which may require a change in medication or treatment, thus we must be able to contact you.

While every effort is made to see patients at the time of their appointment there may be a delay in appointment times due to emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. Reception staff will endeavour to notify patients of any delays. If a patient has been kept waiting, the doctor will not shorten the consultation duration or compromise the level of care given.